In technical terms, Optic-Fibre is a technology that makes use of glass or plastic threads, known as fibres, to transmit data. Now, to explain why Optic-Fibre is so much faster than your standard ADSL we could get very technical, but we’ll stick to the basics. First of all, fibre transfers data using light. In theory nothing travels faster than light, seeing as it travels at 299.792 kilometres per second in a vacuum. That means that you have massive bandwidth. Secondly, fibre cables are a lot less susceptible to interference compared to standard metal cables. Thirdly, wait, this is getting boring and I’m pretty sure you’re not here for us to teach you how the cables under the pavement work. The big benefit about fibre being installed in your home or business is speed. Unbelievable and absolutely murderous speed. This means that no matter if you’re a big gamer pwning noobs or a massive corporation trying to upload big files to international servers, you’ll always get the most out of fibre compared to traditional ADSL.

Why choose fibre over ADSL?

ADSL makes use of telephone lines to transmit data from the closest telephone exchange to your home or business. Your speed is directly proportionate to the distance you are from the exchange, meaning, the further you are from the exchange, the slower your internet will be. Copper cables are prone to experience bottlenecks. When a bottleneck occurs the speed of your internet takes a dip because of the increased amount of traffic on the line. So, when everyone in town wants to stream the latest episode of whatever the kids are talking about these days, don’t be surprised if you become best friends with Mr BUFFER. When it comes to fibre, however, it is unaffected by how far away you are from the exchange. It’s also a lot less prone to bottlenecks as it can handle much higher volumes of traffic.

What’s the difference in speed?

ADSL can usually supply speeds from 1Mbps to 40Mbps. This is all good and well when it comes to sending WhatsApp messages, browsing Facebook and Instagram, but why limit yourself to that? Why not experience the internet the way it was meant to be experienced? You want the experience that only Fibre can provide, to be able to access any piece of information around the world in a 5th of a second. You want to experience lightning fast gaming lag-free and download games faster than you can drive to a store to go and buy it. You want those updates to run so fast that you don’t even notice there was a 20GB update last night. Fibre can hit speeds between 10Mbps and 1Gbps (1000Mbps) at a fraction of the cost of ADSL.

This is where I would usually write another rhetorical question that I answer for you, but I honestly think you’ve spent too much time reading about Force Fibre. It’s time you pick up the phone and call us for a quote, because while you’re still debating whether or not you really NEED that much speed, your neighbours are probably already streaming Deadpool 2 in 4K on their living room TV while their kids are watching Minecraft videos on YouTube with their tablets.

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